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Since accounting is an integral part of business operations, all business ventures give high value to efficient accountants. Without keeping detailed accounts of all transactions it is not possible to understand the financial position of the company. During the course of activities, a business enterprise is involved in various transactions. Many of these are cash deals. The company needs to keep track of the sources from which it got cash and where the cash payments were made. This information is systematically arranged in the Cash Flow Statement which is also a component of the financial statement of a company. We at can help you to understand this concept in totality and solve all your problems regarding this. You can get exclusive accounting help from us to tackle all aspects of this subject.

Basic Facts about Cash Flow Statements

This financial report presents a listing of all the channels from which the company receives cash and the ways in which cash payments were made to others. The cash reserves of the company will increase if the cash earnings are more than the cash expenses and vice versa. Maintaining a strong cash reserve is important for the working of the company. The owners and investors get a good idea about the company's ability to create cash by its own activities and this knowledge influences future decisions.

Parts of Cash Flow Statement

The company has various different sources of revenue and expenses involving cash. These sources are grouped into specific categories for getting a clear picture about the sources and their contribution to the cash reserve of the company.

  • Operating Activities -
  • The most important activities which help to earn revenue for an enterprise.

  • Investing Activities -
  • The activities which involve purchase and sale of company assets and previously made investments.

  • Financing activities -
  • The activities that affects the share of the owner's investment and those from which the company takes loans.


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Cash Flow Statement - Online Tutoring Help

Ask any Accounting Question

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