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Accurate and systematic accounting reveals the profit and loss incurred by the company and hence its financial position. One of the primary steps of accounting is Trial Balance. There are various tutoring web sites who offer accounting help to students of finance to fully understand the concept of trial balance and how to prepare it.

What is Trial Balance

All transactions done by the company are entered into the journal and each transaction is attributed to a particular account. The credit and debit accounts are then tallied on a separate statement which is referred to as the trial balance statement. This reveals the unpaid amounts or dues in the credit and debit accounts on a particular day.

The Purpose of Trial Balance

The practice of trial balance lets the company see how much it owes to others and what are the dues from others. This helps to balance the credit and debit accounts later and is like a double - check of the data. Accurate financial statements can be prepared when the trial balance statement is precise.

However the accuracy of Trial Balance statements is subject to some mistakes which may occur during the previous steps. Incorrect entries during the journal entry stage can lead to miscalculations and inaccurate data.


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Trial Balance Statement - Online Tutoring Help

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Trial Balance statement preparation is one of the primary steps in the process of making accurate financial statements. After all the transactions have been entered into the journal book, they are put under the respective accounts. Trial Balance statement reconciles the outstanding amounts under the credit and debit accounts. This leads to double-checking of the data before moving on to the next step. Trial Balance also ensures more accurate preparation of financial statements. . As a student of finance it is absolutely essential that you have a clear conception about how to make trial balance statements. We can provide all the guidance and assistance you need to fully understand this process. You can also get help with your trial balance homework assignments. Our teachers have high qualifications and vast practical experience in this field. You can get all the help and guidance through personal interaction with our teachers on

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