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The job of an accountant is not only to organize financial records. Among the various aspects associated with accounting, there are many analyzing and evaluation tasks also. One of these is cost analysis. This is an important aspect because it analyzes the costs attributed to the product and justifies the cost of the product. You will need some extra accounting help when you are dealing with topics like these. We at can provide with that assistance which will give you a clear concept regarding this topic.

What is Cost Analysis

The product of a company is either a commodity or service. The company aims to make a profit by selling its product in the market. The product needs to be sold at a price which is profitable for the company. The selling price should be the sum of the production costs and profit percentage. This is done through cost analysis. It is the systematic assessment of the various costs that went into producing the commodity. It is necessary to find out how and to what proportion of the elements of production costs can be attributed to the particular product or service. These costs include:

  • Cost of raw materials
  • Labor costs
  • Cost of supplies
  • Overhead expenses
  • A proportionate percentage of the indirect costs

The evaluation of these expenditures would help to determine a profitable selling price of the product. Cost analysis helps to achieve the following objectives.

  • Corroborating the correctness of the information regarding various costs
  • Establishing the actual need for a particular cost and its importance in production
  • Correct distribution of indirect expenses to the product or service
  • Finding out discrepancies and errors in the system and rectify them

Free Cost Analysis Homework Help

Ask any Accounting Question

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Cost Analysis - Online Tutoring Help

Ask any Accounting Question

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