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When a company starts operations, its aim is to make profits. There are several costs involved in the production process. The company has to find out the best and most profitable way of production in order to maximize profits. The analysis on the basis of which these decisions are taken is called cost benefit analysis.

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What is Cost Benefit Analysis

There are several different ways in which a product or service can be produced. The company has to decide which is the most viable and profitable option in order to maximize the gains. This is done by comparing the various costs involved in the different options. The company can use this process to find out the viability of purchasing expensive machinery, or before investing in a new project. This information is expressed in the form of actual money so that it is easier to comprehend. While calculating costs non-material aspects related to production are also taken into account.

While doing this exercise it is very important to include all expenses and costs, even for the things which are intangible, like risks etc. Sometimes the inclusion of immaterial things can make this calculation vague because putting a monetary value on such things is inconclusive. Hence it is popular practice to include only the costs of material things required for production. Sometimes errors may occur during this cost analysis because of double counting of the same cost, so care should be taken that it does not happen.


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Cost Benefit Analysis - Online Tutoring Help

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